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Home Study Package

£10 weekly

  • Targeted  Maths and English

  • Exercises and Videos

  • Practise Exercises for 25 other Subjects

  • From Year 1 to Year 11

  • 24/7 Access

  • Weekly Report/Feedback

Premium Home Study Package

£28 weekly

  • Home Study Package,Plus

  • Weekly Face to Face Tuition

GCSE Single Package

£34 weekly

  • Home Study Package, Plus

  • Weekly Face to Face Tuition

  • GCSE Preparation and Revision

Private Tuition Package

£25 per hour

  • One on One Tutoring to Students of All Ages.          

  • Personally Tailored to Your Needs                         

  • Location at Our Centre

  • Weekly Query Session

Adult Education Package

£25 per hour

  • Tutoring for adults of all ages.                                      

  • Tailored to fit each student's academic needs.                                  

  • Direct support to individual students.


My Own Tutor Ashford is a home study and face to face tuition centre complete learning support service, providing targeted Maths and English lessons and exercises, as well as exercises for practice, revision and testing purposes in 14 other subjects.

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