MyOwnTutor Ashford pride ourselves in our ability to customize each lesson as well as our style of teaching to each individual child’s needs. We offer  centre-based tutoring for a variety of subjects including Maths, English and Science for children of all ages and abilities- from year 1 all the way to year 11. All this is possible due to our highly qualified and friendly teachers who make sure to create an environment that each and every child can excel in.


A FREE assessment session


Online access to a wide range of in-depth textbooks 


Weekly tutoring at our centre


Online access to an extensive question bank with solutions


Weekly homework tasks which reinforce what your child has learnt


Achieve top grades in GCSE exams.



Our highly qualified and friendly tutors create a safe, supportive environment for students so they can stay motivated in studies. We can help students to become more confident about their knowledge in the subject, as a result, they will become more confident in school.. Our skilled tutors can assess each child’s learning needs and set the pace to achieve the results in Math, Science and English.


This is good if consistent. I have seen big improvements in my children's school work and I'm happy about that.I highly recommend.

After using the services provided by My Own Tutor Ashford, I noticed an improvement in my son's grades at school. With the help of the amazing tutors and staff, he was encouraged to try his best and had been pushed to his maximum abilities which made him well prepared for his exams.


 I am exceptionally pleased with the services and support provided by My Own Tutor Ashford as they have never failed to provide both of my children with the extra support that they needed in order to boost their grades.